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St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God

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Welcome to Year 3 - 2016-17

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Curriculum Plans

Autumn 2016

Spring Curriculum 2017

Summer 2017

A fantastic morning with Sally Scott.  Year 3 were worked in the hall on their circuit training skills.  They were also able to listen to Sally Scott's story and her development in her field.  

Election Fever

We have been learning about general elections this week in English.  We have been debating, answering questions and watching political broadcasts.  Our final piece of work was a piece of persuasive writing based on a chosen policy.  It has been great fun becoming involved in voting and debating.

2017 Fun Run

Well done to all Year 3 children for completing the 2017 Fun Run in the sunshine.  It was a great day and a fantastic experience for our children.

Chopwell Woods

Year 3 really enjoyed their trip to Chopwell Woods.  We were able to see what a fantastic place it is in terms of nature and recreation.  Year 3 really enjoyed making their green men and placing them on the trees in the wood.  They also enjoyed the team work and competition when making their dens.  A huge thanks to Rebecca from Groundworks for making our day so enjoyable.

Land of Oak and Iron

Today Year 3 had their first session with the groundwork's team.  Rebecca came in to work with year 3 on timelines and ship designs based on oak used from Chopwell Woods.  We are all looking forward to our trip to Wednesday.

Judo Taster Session

Year 3 enjoyed their judo taster session.  They found out that balance, quick feet and quick hands were really important.

Year 3 have a very important investigation to carry out in Science.  Zinnia, our friend from planet Dock 5, wants to grow earthling plants.  She has asked us to carry out an investigation to find out what causes plants to grow and stay healthy.  Each group is testing a different property that they believe is important.  To make the test fair we have used 2 plant pots and 2 seeds with contrasting conditions.  We will be observing the changes over the next few weeks.

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Year 3 are searching for examples of parallel and perpendicular lines in the school grounds.  We were amazed at how many we found.  These are just a few that were identified.

Year 3 Cricket

Year 3 started their cricket coaching sessions on Tuesday.  They were brilliant and had a wonderful afternoon.  Yazeem our coach was very impressed.  He believes that quite a few children would benefit from joining Ryton or Greenside Cricket Club.

Weeding and Planting

Year 3 have started their planting project.  We have been weeding in preparation for planting and growth.  In class we have been investigating the different parts of  plants we eat and the role of each part of a plant.  A big thanks to Mrs Rowan for all of her support in the garden.

Investigating Shadows

Year 3 have been investigating shadows in science.  In groups of three they have looked at how and why shadows increase or decrease in size.  Their initial predictions were very interesting.  Some excellent measuring skills and science vocabulary used today. Well done Year 3.

History Day

Year 3 dressed as their famous historical figure.  Then presenting their research slides to their peers.  Really interesting, informative morning.  Well done Year 3.

Parent Readers

A huge thanks to our wonderful parent readers.  They brought humour and excitement into the classroom with their wonderful expression and fabulous book choices.  Many thanks Year 3.

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Freeze Frame RE

Year 3 completed their RE topic by producing a power point on The Annunciation.  They took some freeze frame photographs and copied them into power point slides.  Some super drama and computer skills shown today.

Greek Myths and drama

Year 3 have been reading Icarus and Daedalus.  In order to fully understand the thoughts and actions of the characters, we took some freeze frame photographs of the characters.  As a result of this, the children have written some interesting, detailed descriptions of the various scenes.  Some super writing year 3.

Year 3 visit a synagogue

Isobel and Fred made year 3 feel very welcome last Wednesday.  We had a great time and it was very useful actually seeing some of the Jewish signs and symbols for ourselves.  We had the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the Jewish faith.  

Science Investigation

Year 3 are designing an investigation to see if there is a relationship between the height of drop and height of bounce of a tennis ball.

Simile Poetry

Year 3 are planning their simile poetry on whiteboards.  They are using adjectives and similes to engage the reader.  They have worked very hard and presented some fantastic verses.

Enjoying Christmas activities in Year 3.

  1. Designing and making Christmas Decorations and Cards
  2. Singing to the residents in Addision Court
  3. Making Christmas Cards
  4. Christmas 

The Stone-Age Trip

These are just a few photographs of our trip to The Bowes Museum.  The children had a great time finding out about stone-age artifacts, houses and pots.  They really enjoyed the practical side of the visit.  A big thanks to the parent helpers for their support during the day.


Silly Sentence

Silly Sentences is a grammar game to try and embed word class terminology.  All you need is a strip of paper, a pen and a collection of determiners, adjectives, nouns, conjunctions, verbs and adverbs.  It's quite funny what some of our original sentences sound like.  Then when we correct them we identify tense errors.  Have a go at home.

Soil Permeability

 Year 3 were asked to design an investigation to test the permeability of different soil types.  They worked really hard to make sure their test was fair and it gave a reliable set of results.  The pupils later discussed and wrote about their results and plotted their findings on a bar chart.

Domino Rule

This game is great fun for developing number properties like sum, product, multiples and factors.  

Welcome the Iron Man

Year 3 have been designing and making iron men for our new wall display.  First we were given a 50cm size limit.  Then we had to try and make the torso and legs proportional to the original model.  We had great fun making them and want to thank our parents for collecting our model junk.  

Year 3 visit Crawcrook Library

 We are going to write about how sad we are about the library possible closure. (Leo)

We found out that people who are blind can come to the library and read braille or get an audio story. (Poppy J)

We learned about people who wrote books. (Rebecca C)

We planned our letter to write to the council about how useful the library is. (Jake)

19 of our Year 3 children use the library every week. 

Tonight all book bags will have a slip inside with information about how to join the library.

Drumming with Mr Long

Rock Detectives

Year 3 have started their Science Topic, Rocks and Soils.  We have been investigating different types of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks. Using magnifying glasses we were able to describe the minerals within each rock.

The Haka

Year 3 are learning The Haka Dance in PE.  This is linked with their tag rugby coaching.