St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God

The School Day

The school day officially begins at 8:55am and ends at 3:15pm.

  • Morning break:  (Years 1-6) 10:30-10:50am
  • Lunchtime: 12:00pm-1:00pm  (Reception lunch is served from 11:45am)
  • Afternoon break: (Years 1 and 2) 2:00pm - 2:15pm

Arriving at school

Junior and Infant doors will be opened between 8:45 and 8:50am. A member of staff will be on duty on the external doors during the opening drop-off times for the school. They are also available to take messages from parents/carers to pass on to class teachers. Once the doors are open, children can come into school. Parents/carers are asked to remain outside: a) to foster independence in the children; b) to alleviate congestion inside; c) to reduce the risk of unsupervised adults entering the school building.

The buzzer sounds at 8:55am to mark the official start of the school day. External doors are closed once all remaining children are inside. 

Teaching staff will be present in classrooms to greet the children and ensure a good start to the day once the doors are open. Any children arriving after the external doors have closed MUST come into school via the front main Reception door and register with the office staff. The register is taken in classrooms at 9:00am. For any children not accounted for by 9.30am, office staff will endeavour to contact parents to ensure the safety of the child and to ascertain his/her whereabouts.

Children who are arriving from St Agnes’ Day Care Breakfast Club are escorted into the playground by staff and are supervised until they are in the care of school staff.


At the end of the school day

For Reception, children can be collected from 3:10pm from the Reception Outdoor area gate. One member of staff supervises the gate and liaises with parents; another remains inside with the children. Children remain in the classroom and are called by a member of staff and handed over personally to parents/collecting adults.

Years 1 and 2, children are led onto the middle (infant) playground by a member of staff and will be handed over to parents. KS2 classes are dismissed from classroom doors onto the Junior yard. Children in year 3 are brought out of the main Junior entrance and are dismissed individually once the member of staff has identified the collecting adult. Older children are taught to return to school if the person collecting them is not at the designated place.

For children attending St Agnes’ Day Care After School Club, the children are met in the school Hall, where a roll call of registered children takes place. Once all children are accounted for, they are escorted, always by more than one adult, to the neighbouring building.