St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

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Accounts Assistance


Please ensure your child is accessing from the correct address


If you're experiencing difficulty with student logins, please speak to your child's class teacher. All pupils should have a login card for Mathletics.

Times Tables Rockstars

Please ensure your child is accessing from the correct address


My child seems to be getting questions up to 12×12 - why is that?
Assuming that's not intentional, make sure they're playing in the Garage or Arena to get the tables we've set for them.

Why can't we login?
The most likely cause is that one of the three bits of information (school, username or password) hasn't been entered as on your child's login card.

My child has chosen a rock name they're unhappy with - how do we change it?
Ask your child's teacher to reset their rock name so they can choose again when they login.

My child is unhappy with the look of their avatar - what can be done?
Everyone starts with the same avatar, no matter what rock name they've chosen. Simply change the hair, eyes and mouth to suit individual preferences.

Someone has logged in as my child and spent a load of their coins - what can we do?
Let your child's teacher know so that they can refund your child and speak to the class about trust and online safety.

If you require further assistance, please contact the school office.