St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

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Science Enrichment


STEM Week 2022

We have had some fantastic presentations from a few of our parents who work in STEM related careers. All of them were really interesting and we learnt lots about their jobs.

Autumn - Reception

Reception have been making observations of how the natural world around us changes in Autumn time

Materials- Reception 

In Reception class the children learn about science through the area of learning called "The Natural World." They have been learning about different materials as one of the children chose to make a magnet in the gluing area. As a result they have been investigating magnetic and non magnetic materials and have married this with their interest in role play weddings by exploring different fabric materials too using some fantastic scientific vocabulary such as opaque and iridescent. They then looked at solids and liquids through their learning on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. They looked at materials that could help keep Humpty solid should he fall off any walls again! 


Year 1 designing their eco friendly plastic planter for their herb garden.

Rocks and Soils

Investigating different soils in Year 3.

Reception Science Investigations

Which materials are waterproof?  Let's find out as Mrs Dixon needs a new umbrella.