St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

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History Enrichment

Woodhorn Colliery - Year 3

What an amazing day our Year 3 class had a Woodshorn Colliery.  The children took part on some fantastic workshops including:

  • Working down the pit
  • A tour of the colliery
  • The Pitman Painters
  • Death, danger and disaster 

The children were fascinated with the evidence based workshop on the Hartley pit disaster, 1916.

Toys in the Past - Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about using sources to find out all about Toys from the Past. They have been using books and

artefacts and asking lots of questions about the past from Mam's and Dad's and Grandma's and Grandad's

World War 2 - Year 6 


Year 6 have been learning all about WW2 and the significance of the Battle of Britain. They visited the Discovery museum to use real sources and find out more about the Blitz and rationing

Meeting Royalty


On their visit to the Discovery museum , Y6 were lucky to meet Prince Charles. Please see our Tyne Tees Interview below

Prince Charles visits the North East

Romans - Year 4


As part of their learning on the Romans Year 4 went to visit the Roman fort of Vindolanda. They loved exploring the town and fort and examining some real Roman artefacts

Remembrance Day 

Reception children have been listening to the special story "Where the Poppies now grow" to find out what happened in the past - where the poppy fields are nowadays. They created some beautiful artwork to commemorate the soldiers 

Black History Month 

Our whole school assembly focus this week has been on Black History month and why it is so important. Year 3 children have been learning about Marcus Rashford and his impact on school meals. Meanwhile Year 5 have been looking at Michael Fuller who made history by becoming the first black man to hold the title of Chief Constable 

People Who Help Us - Reception


In Reception the children learn about History through learning about the "Past and Present." Following on from the children's interest in playing doctors in the Home Corner they learned some more about the roles of different people in society around us. The children developed their own RVI role play to help them understand the important job of doctors and nurses. Then they had a visit to the Fire station in Prudhoe to find out about the Fire fighters role. They have loved exploring being fire fighters ourselves and how our teachers keep us safe at school in the event of a Fire drill.  They have also had met the Police and found out more about their role too. They know the importance of looking at texts to find out about differences and similarities between the past and present . They looked at the story of the Gunpowder plot and thought about how they celebrate Bonfire night nowadays . They have also been learning the Nursery rhyme " London's burning" so they decided to find out more about what happened in London in the past at the time of the Great Fire. 

Beamish - Year 3 


As part of their History learning Year 3 had a trip to Beamish. They learned lots about mining and about life in our area in the past

St George and the Dragon - Reception

The Reception children have developed a real interest in dragons following the appearance of the dragon egg in their outdoor area. We shared the story of St George to find out more about a legend from the past involving a real knight and a real dragon ! 

Kings and Queens - Year 1 

Our Year 1 children have been learning all about the Tudor Kings and Queens . They have done some fantastic role play! They have also investigated and found out more about the Gunpowder plot. The enrich their learning further they went on a visit to Newcastle Castle Keep 

Great Fire of Gateshead - Year 3


Year 3 have been learning all about the Great Fire of Gateshead. We didn't let Covid restrictions stop us and had a virtual tour along the Quayside complete with eyewitness accounts  and artefacts thanks to "The History Bloke" 

Mining - Year 3 


Year 3 have been using evidence from the past to find out more about Coal Mining in our local area. They have learned about the Stargate Pit disaster and the impact on our area

The History of Newcastle - Year 2 

Year 2 visited the historic sites in Newcastle town centre.  They looked at the bridges, the castle and the history of The Bigg Market.

Year 5 Viking Day

On Tuesday 5th November, our Viking visitor, Bjarni came into school to teach year 5 all about life in Viking times.  'We learned about the terrain was like and why the viking left Scandinavia.  We learned about viking battles and The Shield Wall.  We also found out about crime and punishment and funerals and the after life.'