St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

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Castles in Year 3

Here are our castle designs, completed on Wednesday.  Some amazing design and making skills observed during the project.  The children also worked very well in their groups to communicate their own thoughts and ideas before the making process.

Design and Technology in Year 6

Early making stages of waistcoats.  


The finished designs.  Patrick Grant would be proud!

Year 6 Playground Designs

These imaginative, eye-catching playground designs from our Y6 children in DT, this week were truly a delight to view.  It was impossible to choose a winner as all prototypes were so impressive.  You all met the criteria perfectly.  Well done Y6!

Truss Bridge Designs in Year 5

After planning their designs, Y5 had to carefully measure each section of the bridge structure before assembling each piece.

3D Castle construction in Year 3

Our Year 3 children made their castles using their constructed 3D shapes and colourful materials to complete their structures.

Design & Technology - Y4 

Designing and making torches

Some super, unique designs in Year 4.  All that research and planning resulted in a fantastic product


Year 6 Design and Technolgy Project

Year 6 children have completed their two-week project - designing and constructing their automata toys.  It has  been steep learning curve in developing their understanding of mechanical systems but they have done it and what a result!  Brilliant outcome Year 6.

Design Technology Enrichment

Coming soon...

Eating Seasonally in Year 3

Where in the world?  Looking at different fruits from around the world.

Why does climate count?   Some fruits only grow in certain climates which is why we have to import them from different countries.

STEM Bridge Building

Some amazing structures today in Year 2's bridge building Design and Technology task.  What a fantastic range of engineering designs and great child/parent collaboration.

Year 2 Bridge Building 

Year 2 have been investigating using play dough.  They have planned their bridge designs and are now testing the strength of their structures before their actual construction afternoon on Thursday.