St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God

Catholic Life


At St. Agnes’ Catholic School we believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We hope you will find us to be loving, caring and spiritual. We value and respect all; growing and learning together as part of God’s family, to be the best we can be. 

The governors and staff of St. Agnes’ Catholic Primary School recognise that they work to educate the children in their care in a range of ways, as the centre of this is the spiritual development of the children, particularly in the Catholic faith.  As part of the community of 190 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, there is a clear purpose for the existence of our schools.

The school shows the importance of its Catholic life through displays and images; from the sculpture of St. Agnes in the entrance area to the focal points in our classrooms, and the display in the entrance hall of the school motto 'Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God.' Our school chapel is an oasis of peace in the heart of the school; a place of quiet or a place to share prayer throughout the day. It is the home of our beautiful school icon of St Agnes'.

The Catholic Church provides schools to:

  • assist in its mission of making Christ known to all people.
  • assist parents, who are the primary educators of their children, in the education and religious formation of their children.
  • be at the service of the local Church – the diocese, the parish and the Christian home.
  • be a “service to society."

Father James Golden Jubilee 

19th October 2023

We invited Father James and our Deputy Mayor into school to celebrate Father James 50th anniversary.

We listened to some fantastic poems, prayers, hymns, songs and artwork.

Father James was overwhelmed by the kind words and thoughts from our children.

We presented Father James with a beautiful icon of all three parish saints and also a booklet with photographs and words to show what an amazing support he continues to be in St Agnes' Primary School.

What do we love about St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School?




"And He is Christ the Lord,

Jesus is His name."

Collective Worship

The school has an act of collective worship each day. These include prayers in the morning, before and after lunch and at the end of the school day. Assemblies, Hymn Practices, Class Liturgical Prayer and our Friday 'Celebration' assembly are held each week. 

The school works closely with and are supported in the development of the faith by our Parish Priest, Fr. John James, who is a regular visitor in school. He often pops in during lunchtime and spends time talking to the children, and often ventures out into the playground and stays for some lunch. We also join Fr James and parishioners for Mass in St Agnes' Church every half term and on other special days. We also mark special events in the liturgical calendar, such as Remembrance on 11th November, Holy Week and Christmas.  During Holy Week,  Year 5 and 6 children join with pupils of St Joseph's, Highfield to lead ’The Way of the Cross’- this is always a powerful and moving liturgy.

Our Y6 Leaver's Dance

Charity work

The school community works to raise funds for those in need. During this academic year, various causes have been supported. An amazing £756 was raised at a coffee and cake day for Macmillan Cancer Care, £250 for Children in Need by coming to school in pyjamas and we sent 150 shoe boxes and a mountain of sweets and small toys overseas in support of The Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Appeal.  We have also supported other local charities, such as Newcastle' People's Kitchen and St Cuthbert's Care.

Sacramental Preparation

The children, parents, school and parish work together to prepare the children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion in Year 4.  The school community works with the parish to prepare and take leading roles in these sacramental masses.