St. Agnes' Catholic Primary School

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God


We value every individual and strive to maximise the opportunities for his/her intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, aesthetic and social development. We view the curriculum as a holistic range of experiences and disciplines that are used to help us achieve our aims for our pupils. It consists of the study of academic subjects as well as the wide range of opportunities that are offered to the children during their time at St Agnes'.

We aim:

  • to help pupils develop lively, inquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves successfully to tasks
  • to help pupils to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life at home, at work, at leisure and as consumers and citizens of modern Britain.
  • to encourage pupils to acquire values, attitudes and concepts which will enable them to adapt to life in a fast-changing world, including the democratic process, value of the rule of law and support for individual liberty.
  • to model and develop acceptable behaviour and social standards.

As a Catholic School, we aim:

  • to provide children with a thorough grounding in the knowledge of the Catholic Faith.
  • to promote an awareness of one’s behaviour in relation to what is required by God and by one’s fellow human being
  • to develop children as individuals who will, in time become full members of British Society, living co-operatively and caringly alongside others
  • to encourage a respect for others and an understanding of, and a tolerance towards, the various races, religions and cultures present in our modern society
  • to develop an awareness and appreciation of human achievements, whilst recognising mankind’s place in and responsibility for the natural world.

To view/download our Curriculum Policy, please visit our School Policies page HERE

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